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American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute

International Fitness Health & Wellness Institute

Regional Alliances

Mission to Help Your Purpose:

  1. To offer continuing education credit opportunities locally to men and women who are passionate and seeking to be the best trained “face to face” fitness professional leaders worldwide.  The focus is moral values, legal responsibility, scientific commitment to serving in a group or one-on-one capacity, insurance requirements, research, small business and entrepreneur training, nutrition coaching, pricing and negotiations, on-line presence and marketing so that you can advance as an internationally certified fitness professional.

  2. As a member of the International Fitness and Nutrition Institute Certification Alliance (IFNICA) under American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute (AFHWI), you will be able to encourage spiritual and professional growth of  the members through academically sound principles, assisting in building the industrial base of various fitness clients and fitness professionals in your region

  3. To promote dedicated members to various board membership in their region who have demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment and potential for distinctive service as an International Fitness & Nutrition Institute Certified Fitness Professional under the American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute


10 Regional/International Area Alliance  Positions Opened Now










Washington DC

International Alliances





My state in not listed. Can I apply to become a board member in my area?

All potential members can apply at anytime to become a board member in their area. Depending on how active your alliance becomes, funding will be provided to host quarterly meetings to recruit and increase membership of the International Fitness & Nutrition Institute Certification Alliance. Also, you can host event on-line with approval through the Headquarter Office in Ohio to host online continuing education events. These events will be worth continuing education credits, which is a major benefit. If there is an alliance /region within your area, you can attend that region’ monthly or quarterly meetings.  You will be able to serve and get involved.  Every year each alliance region for the International Fitness & Nutrition Institute will be reviewed to look at innovative ways proposed by each regional president to host one event in their area every two years.

Complete the Survey on Line, include your contact information.  Also you can submit payment through PayPal or by mail:  American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute, PO Box 131063, Dayton, OH 45413

Visit our website for more information:

Are you interested in being an International Fitness & Nutrition President

In Your Region or Internationally? 

Email: or

  • Headquarters will Host a Monthly teleconference or Virtual Meeting

  • Each region will be provided a teleconference meeting number

  • Presidents and Board Members will receive a Charter Certification for their region

  • Each IFNI Alliance will be approved by the Board of Directors of the American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute.  

  • An initial fee of $100.00 is required along with 24 Hours of continuing education credits to use towards the IFNI certification and also can be used towards other international certifications who will accept IFNI CECs

The Alliance Offer You Benefits, Freebies and Discounts:

  1. All Regional Alliance Board of Directors Members must be active within the alliance and dues should be current.

  2. After the first year, only a fee of $25.00 per year for membership is required. 

  3. The funds will go towards all continuing education international and national events at the Headquarter level. 

  4. In addition, a 10% discount off any AFHWI and IFNI materials:

    • Training Textbooks

    • Videos

    • Conferences and workshops

    • certification renewals

    • New and additional certifications

Job Opportunities

By being active in the alliance in our Facebook pages, various alliances in every region can promote their region on Facebook and/or twitter. 

IFNI Certification & Renewal Opportunities

All certifications are available correspondently and on-line.  Look for future textbooks that can be downloaded by kindle devices. 


Where Can You Apply Your Skill sets?

 Where will you be assigned and learn your purpose.  The fitness centers and gyms is a start but may not be for you.  Let our alliance teach you how to market your skills and training because you will be one of the best in the world, taught by one of the best wellness leaders in the world.



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