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 American Fitness
Health & Wellness Institute

Dimensions of Wellness (Faith/Spiritual, environmental, social, education, finances, physical (nutrition and physical activity, habits/addictions, substance disorders, and occupation.
100% Wellness Science and Faith-Based Fitness Certifications
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About American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute
Over 3 Decades of Excellence

 The American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute (AFHWI), winner of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Business, located in Dayton, Ohio is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization.  We provide health, wellness and prevention based on the dimensions of wellness, which are cyclical (Robinson, 2007).  These dimensions focus on the wellbeing of families such as: environmental (safe, quality housing and facilities), financial, social determinants, education, career, substance abuse and habits, nutrition, cardiovascular fitness (endurance activities to improve  physical wellness) to reduce chronic illness and prevention of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, and obesity. When one of these dimensions is out of balance, it affects the other nine dimensions. The mission of AFHWI is to create positive and healthy changes to meet specific needs in the African American, Hispanic, youth, and senior communities that are being restored and revitalized by promoting self-sufficiency through partnerships, COVID, maternal/infant, and neighborhood reinvestment. We have 38 years of excellence since 1986 including contracts and grants from the Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control, COVID-19 Research for faith-based organizations, Ohio Commission on Minority Health (19 consecutive years) and recent subcontracts for the Ohio Department of Health Listening Sessions for Infant Mortality, COVID Education, Infant Mortality Support Services and our Fatherhood Program crises management to help fathers with emergency items for their children including housing assistance.  The AFHWI is part of the task force for infant mortality as well. Our functional experts include Public Health, nutrition scientists, psychologist, wellness assistants, physicians, nurses, clergy, and others to assist in achieving your goals.   We also specialize in conference as well as keynote presentations. Please feel free to review this website for various programs to suit your goals and objectives for your organization or offsite. The following classes are offered through our organization. For more information, contact us at  (937) 275-3770 or (937) 985-9035 or


IFNI Certifications

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IFNI Fitness Certifications

Dr. J. Robinson, DrPH, PhD, DMin, MPH, MA, BA



Dr. Robinson is a true pioneer in the industry.  She has trained  tens of thousands of personal trainers, fitness instructors since 1986.  She has trained NFL, NBA, USFL, Army, Air Force, Navy, Olympic Athletes, and celebrities. She is a former competitor in the Fitness America Pageant as seen on ESPN in  over 21 countries and several other national networks. She is also a pageant judge including the Miss USA Pageant..

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American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute

2023 Springboro West Rd

Moraine, OH 45439

Our Address:

2023 Springboro West

Moraine, OH 45439



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