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Wellness Education

Lifestyle Training - Tuesdays 6:30 pm

Lifestyle Training is designed to cover weekly dimensions of wellness and social determinants of health. This includes mentoring and personal development.

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Weekly Pantry

Fresh Taste Pantry every Thursday.  Call our 24 Hour Hotline to make an appointment (937) 275-3770.  (We still follow COVID mask protocols and social distancing)


Serving Our Communities

Since the Dayton Tornadoes in 2019, Montgomery County is trying to bounce back. 

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Blessed and Faithfully Fit Classes

Weekly cardiovascular class to help with other dimensions of wellness.  Also attend the Lifestyle class.


Back Pack Back to School - August

RSVP for our back pack to school program.  Call today for more information.  (937) 275-3770.

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Thanksgiving and Christmas Outreach Programs

Every year we provide Thanksgiving boxes filled with groceries, gifts for families in need.  No family should go hungry.

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