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Dimensions of Wellness 
Lifestyle and Recovery

Lifestyle and Recovery. We provide nine dimensions of wellness, social determinants of health lifestyle and recovery services on an outpatient basis. We have applied for the Ohio Mental Health Addiction Services Certifications for prevention and peer-to-peer programs.RESET, REVIVE, RECHARGE, RECOVERY!  RESET: American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute provide evidence based dimensions of wellness in outpatient programs to stay motivated to work towards clean living with a fresh start by understanding the power of closure, forgiveness, new environments, and spiritual growth through prayer.  REVIVE: AFHWI approach to recovery provides a healthy positive perception of the journey to recovery using the Transtheoretical Model towards change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance) leading to habitual nourishment and lifestyle steps to long-lasting lifestyle improvements. RECHARGE: Each participant will be able to rejuvenate and incorporate their personal expectations and goals in peer/group sessions to be encouraged to stay in charge of their lifestyle decisions.  RECOVERY:  We believe this is a celebration of spiritual growth and maturity in sustaining goals and abstaining from previous lifestyle choices.  Participants graduate from this stage of the program to other opportunities and priorities that we will provide assistance to their next chapter of growth. (This includes parenting, Fatherhood (Fatherhood Program) or Motherhood (Well Moms Well Babies), Personal Development Plan for employment, education, re-entry, and any dimension of wellness that needs to be whole.
Whole Health Action Management
- This program provide ways to initiate and build to a better quality of life by abstaining from negative behaviors and environments that lead to substance disorders and addiction.Faith-Based Wellness Lifestyle and Recovery- Wellness management programs that include a spiritual/faith-based dimension of wellness, cardiovascular activities, nutrition, one-on-one coaching and weekly group sessions to stay on track on self-paced, peer encouraged, and professional facilitated goals. We provide weekly educational activities on individual empowerment to help individuals shape their recovery and goal experiences.Partners and Other Providers - American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute work with behavioral health providers to promote multiple approaches to reach a sense of health and wellness.  We have a list of resources to help you to your next level of hope and health.

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