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Well Moms Well Babies

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Well Moms Well Babies Program is a program for maternal health to get the care you need. This includes:

  • Wellness Care

  • Stress Reduction

  • Baby Diapers and Supplies

  • Pantry and Housing Assistance

  • Eviction Mediation

  • Personal Care Products

  • Personal Development

  • And Much More!

Fatherhood Program

The American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute provide support services to help fathers with the resources and referrals that they need.  We work in partnership with the Montgomery County Fatherhood program.  Services include monthly fatherhood meetings, Lifestyle Training, recovery, re-entry, job training, legal support, and more. Call our 24 hour hotline to get the help you need (937) 275-3770

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COVID-19 Education

Vaxx to the Max

Since 2020, American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute has been on the cutting edge of providing sound scientific principals on COVID-19 prevention.  We conducted the first publish study for faith-based organizations, "COVID vs. the Church, published in 2021.  We presented research study information during the 2020 Presidential Inauguration Week.  We are provided COVID education prevention and vaccine information for Montgomery and Marion Counties. 

Family Planning

We provide Services for Well Moms, Well Babies!

About Our Clinic


Family planning services are services that assist in preventing or achieving pregnancy. We are a Title X clinic that provide these services to women, men, and adolescents, with priority given to persons from low income families. These services are completely voluntary, confidential, and provided regardless of one’s ability to pay. 


Family Planning Services:

AFHWI clinic provides a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning methods including:

  • Contraceptive Services & Education

  • Pregnancy Testing & Counseling

  • Achieving Desired Pregnancy (Fertility Awareness)

  • Basic Infertility Service

  • Preconception Health Services 

  • Counseling, And Methods (Includes Hormonal Methods)

  •  Fertility Awareness Methods

  • Barrier Methods

  • Abstinence   

  • Services For Preconception Health & Achieving Pregnancy (Includes Infertility Services)

  • Screening For Substance Use (Disorders & Referrals)

  • Pregnancy Diagnosis & Counseling.

  • HPV vaccination

  • HIV pre prophylaxis (PrEP);

  • breast and cervical cancer screening;

  • screening for obesity use,

  • mental health 

  • intimate partner violence

  • STI & STDs

  • STI Prevention, Education, Screening, And Treatment;

  • HIV Testing And Referral;

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing & Education and Treatment

  • Adolescent Services

  • Health Screenings, Education and Counseling

  • Understanding Relationships

  • Please call for an appointment

  • (937) 275-3770 or email

Well Moms Well Babies Flyer2023.jpg
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